Honey Fit for a Queen
100% raw and unpasteurised, our Scottish honeys are collected and extracted using traditional methods to ensure that the enzymes and proteins are not destroyed during the harvesting, separating or bottling processes. This produces artisan, raw honeys of a far superior quality and distinctive flavour which retain their natural benefits. They are never heated to temperatures above that which naturally exist in the hive. In wine terms, our award-winning Scottish Heather Honey is the Champagne of Honeys due to the geographical location of our hives, the terrain and the climate. Gathered from the most beautiful unpolluted parts of Scotland, produced in small batches and bottled by hand - that's honey fit for a queen.
Scottish Blossom Honey - 340g
Every year, early on in the season, our bees are taken down to the fruit fields around Perthshire (how the bees are moved). This is a happy situation for both fruit farmers and ourselves. As the bees get busy collecting nectar (and start making delicious blossom honey) they pollinate the flowers enhancing the fruit crop.
A light coloured, set honey with a soft mellow taste. This is our only polyfloral honey produced from the nectar gathered from a variety of spring and fruit blossoms in the surrounding local area. A delicate, mild palate with a buttery texture that melts in the mouth, and a long sweet finish that bursts with fruit.
CHF 11.50
Scottish Heather Honey with Edradour Malt Whisky - 340g
Our delicious Scottish Heather Honey, traditionally gathered from wild flowering heather in the Scottish Highlands since 1945, infused with the rich taste of the classic Eastern Highlander 10 year old single malt from Edradour, our local distillery in Pitlochry.
This single malt is rather unique with a decidely rum-like dram of sherry, barley and toasted almonds that ends with spiced fruitcake with creme anglaise - it complements our Scottish Heather Honey perfectly, enhancing its warm, assertive smoky palate and endless, floral finish.
Use in desserts and in ice cream.
Ingredients: Scottish Heather Honey, Whisky (2% by volume).
Nutritional Information (Typical Values per 100g): Energy 1130kJ/320kcal, Fat
Edradour Distillery is near Pitlochry and is Scotland's smallest working distillery.
CHF 15.10
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